Never Too Late: If you missed the IPKat Last Week!

Been away and want to catch up with last week's IP news? No problem! As always, the IPKat is here to bring you a quick summary -- the 165th edition of Never Too Late.

Is Google responsible for the lawfulness of the images displayed through its Images search service? According to the German Federal Court of Justice (Bundesgerichtshof - BGH), the answer is NO – IPKat Eleonora Rosati brings a timely and clear (as always) summary of the very recent judgment I ZR 11/16 - Preview III.

How is an IP Lawyer's Life in DC!

“One of the IPKat's key objectives is to bring this global IP community closer together by sharing IP decisions, legislation and practice from across the world with our readers, with the aim that by understanding our unique perspectives on the culture of IP practice we can work together to make IP a success story for innovators, creators, users and the public.” – AmeriKat Annsley this time invites her friend Rachel Fertig, part of the “next generation” of IP lawyers, to share some DC tips.

Can the author of a comic character oppose what he believes to be a distortion of the character’s meaning? Katfriend Nedim Malovic (Sandart & Partners) reports on the heated debate surrounding Matt Furie’s Pepe the Frog.

“Readers keen on marketing and advertising law, the harmonisation process and the relationship between advertising and IP law may be interested in the latest edition in the Modern Studies in European Law from Hart Publishing.” – InternKat Hayleigh Bosher introduces readers the book Marketing and Advertising Law in a Process of Harmonisation.

IPKat Neil Wilkof shares the full text of his interview with Mr. Daren Tang, Chief Executive of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), in connection with the launch of a one-billion dollar Makara Innovation Fund (MIF), Southeast Asia’s first private equity investment fund that sources IP-driven companies internationally and capitalises on cross-border regional expansion. 

Conference Report: Zurich IP Retreat 2017 - Patents and Hindsight (Part I and II)

The first Zurich IP Retreat brought together opinion leaders in the law of innovation and technology from all over the world to discuss one of the fundamental problems in patent law: the need to assess the prior art, and most notably inventive step (non-obviousness), without hindsight and knowledge of the invention. Is this even possible from a psychological perspective? Likely how successful are the approaches to avoid hindsight bias developed in different jurisdictions? IPKat Mark Schweizer brings in-depth coverage of the conference highlights.

Recently, US Senator Sherrod Brown (Democrat-Ohio) said Allergan's transfer of six patents covering its medicinal product Restasis (for the treatment of dry-eyes) to the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe "rips off consumers" – Why this transactional dance? AmeriKat Annsley briefs you the context. 

Photo courtesy of Gong He.


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  1. I wonder if I am missing something here.
    A new EPO President has been elected and IPKat is completely silent about this development ... how strange ...


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