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Tuesday, 4 January 2005


The jockey formerly known as Richard Dunwoody

The Daily Telegraph reports that former champion jump jockey will be faced with a large legal bill if he wants to get the commercial use of his name back from a former business associate, Mike Diamandis. The business relationship ended after 12 months, leaving Diamandis in control of the Dunwoody Sports Marketing name brand and logo for the publication of football programmes and racecards. Dunwoody has expressed his annoyance at the fact that consumers get confused and come to him with complaints about Diamandis’ business. However, he says that he cannot afford to mount a legal challenge against Diamndis’ use. Diamandis is unapologetic, pointing to his investment in the Dunwoody brand. He says that he has offered Dunwoody the opportunity to pay for a rebranding of his business.

The IPKat notes that similar issues have been raised in the Elizabeth Emanuel case, which has been referred to the ECJ.

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