The Register reports on artists who are fighting back against copy protection. The Christian band Switchfoot, which is signed to Sony, has said that it’s horrified that its fans cannot transfer their music from CDs to MP3 players. In response, the band has posted instructions for how to circumvent copy protection measures on its CDs on its website. The problem is, these instructions will work for any other copy-protected CDs and so Switchfoot is not only putting itself at risk of bearing Sony’s wrath, but is also infringing the DMCA, since he is offering to the public technology which will circumvent copy protection measures. Bassist Tim Foreman has said

"I feel like as a band and as listeners, we've all been through a lot together over the past ten years, and we refuse to allow corporate policy to taint the family we've developed together."

The IPKat understands the band’s sentiment, but notes that they’ve made a deal with Sony which presumably involves giving Sony control over the format in which their music is released. If the band don’t like it, they could always switch record labels.
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  1. One solution is to start their own record label, assuming they aren't just in the game for record sales and profit!

    Sadly s1201 DMCA is being used as the weapon that ensures that buyers have to pay again for music they already have! Buy the 12", buy the tape, buy the CD, and now buy the MP3...

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