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Monday, 5 September 2005


The IPKat noticed when perusing the Patent Office's amended trade mark forms that they all bear the new Patent Office logo and corporate typeface. The new logo is rather similar to the old one, albeit somewhat simplified. The new logo has the words "The Patent Office" protruding from the left-hand side of the circle, rather than in its centre, is withot shadowing and has the words "patents, designs, copyright and trade marks" in a sans serif typeface.

The IPKat wonders what has prompted this change and also wonders if he missed the offical anouncement of the change.

1 comment:

Guy said...

The new Patent Office logo does not appear yet on the main page of the web site or on patent forms. The layout of TM3 and other forms which have been changed means that those of us who use a template for completing the forms must redesign it. A helpful change to the forms would not be a new logo but the ability, as with EPO, PCT and OHIM forms, to fill them in directly on line or downloaded into Acrobat.

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