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Thursday, 25 May 2006


As the World Cup reaches its climax ...

The IPKat reads with fascination of note on Ananova of the legal action which German football stars Michael Ballack and Oliver Kahn are bringing against Munich-based sex product company Beate Uhse for violating their personal rights and seeking to exploit their identities by alluding to them in a range of soccer superstar vibrators. The two have based their legal objection on the marketing of erotic toys named 'Michael B' and 'Olli K'. A dildo named David B (an allusion to England captain David Beckham) also forms part of the collection of products aimed at peaking women's interest in the World Cup.

A spokeswoman for the company admitted they had purposely named the products to suggest a connection with the footballing stars. She said:

"The association with the footballers was intentional. Their well trained and muscular bodies and strong legs excite the fantasies of female fans. If we had used their full names then it would have been very expensive for us".
It may yet prove expensive, says the IPKat, if the pair secure the damages they are seeking. He adds that, if past performance is anything to go by, Beate Uhse should forget England's footballers and go for the Sven-Goren E brand. Merpel, noting that Darren Bent failed to make the England squad for next month's competition, wonders whether David B is the range's Posh product ...

More on Beate Uhse here (in German, so as to protect the sensitivities of English readers)
David Beckham jokes here

Meanwhile, congratulations to WIPO

It's not often you read those words on this (or indeed any other) weblog, but the IPKat has just been flipping the pages of the April 2006 issue of WIPO Magazine. Only a few short years ago it was dire: congratulations to whoever has shaken it up and made it so attractive and lively.

More about the Mazagine here
Contact the editor here


David said...

I very much doubt whether women's interests will peak in the world cup. However, it is arguable that "products" with footballer names on could pique somebody's interest. Particularly if the products are the same shape as a part of their anatomy. Wayne Rooney feet might be a good seller - lucky charms to be kissed perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Beate Uhse's shops used to supply very distinctive plastic carrier bags with no text but the firm's trade mark flower design. A US attorney passing through England on his way to Germany asked me for a carrier bag for his excess lugage. He had slightly irritated me so I handed him a Beate Uhse bag left over from a trip to BAOR HQ at Muenchen-Gladbach. I understood that on arrival his German colleagues at once knew his tastes and to his surprise provided them.

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