Monday at QMIPRI

This Monday, two events are taking place at QMIPRI:

  • At 12.30, IPKat co-blogmeister Ilanah is speaking on 'How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Trade Mark Dilution'. If you want to come along, email Ilanah
  • At 5.30pm, "Don't trip on the inventive step" - A meeting on the UKPO Consultation on Inventive Step and Its Relation to Software and Business Process Patents in the UK and EU, organised by FFII-UK. If you want to come to this, email

Curious kat

Travelling on the Tube this morning, the IPKat came across a poster depicting a picture of a donkey listening to an iPod which was connected to a carrot dangled in front of its nose. This was accompanied by the words 'iFollow' and 'iDon''. However, the website doesn't seem to work.

Do any of the IPKat's readers know, is this a protest or parody, a take off of iPod's campaign for commercial purposes or something else?

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Anonymous said...

The website seems to be working now -- though it looks to be just a teaser. Something about an alternative to iPod and the "iTatorship" which I'm assuming must mean the iPod/iTunes domination of the MP3 market. I think a full explination is coming tomorrow ... the site says "The alternative is coming 5-22-06". Is there a new MP3 player hitting the market tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

Try ""

Anonymous said...

It's just another cheapskate copied mp3 player trying to take a bite at Apple. My guess it will be gone before you can 'sandisk'!

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