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Friday, 23 June 2006


Is this the denouement?

The IPKat thanks IPWorldOnline's Richard Evans for tipping him off about the latest news on the French copyright bill saga. According to IPWorldOnline, members of the French Senate and Assemblée Nationale (French Parliament) met yesterday morning to draft a new text proposing amendments to France’s Copyright Law. Details have not yet been made public but, according to a representative from the Assemblée Nationale, they will be uploaded to the Assemblée’s website this afternoon. Previous proposals included loosening restrictions on CD and DVD copying and forcing Apple to make its iTunes service compatible with other MP3 players.

Right: Victor Hugo, father of French copyright law, ponders over whether to go for iTunes or one of its competitors ...

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Latest BioSLR

That waiflike temptress among legal periodicals, Lawtext's fabulous and eccentric six-times a year BioScience Law Review, has just produced issue 6 for 2004/5. The contents include Michael Blakeney's playful account of v-GURTs which should never, well hardly ever, be confused with t-GURTs (or yo-GURTS, says Merpel).

Above, right: a v-GURT. NOT to be confused with the t-GURT (below, left)

There's also a four page article on the recent UK House of Lords decision in Synthon BV v Smithkline Beecham, by three authors from Freshfields whose combined names are not much shorter than the article itself.

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v-GURT and t-GURT come from

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