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The Association of Independent Music (AIM) is now at, so you can forget the url that the IPKat cited under Newsy Snippets below.

Situation vacant

What the IPKat likes to call the Lord Chancellor's Appointed Person has now been renamed the Fee Paid Appointed Person (what an ugly title). Anyway, if you want to be one, you'd better get a move-on since the closing date for applications is 27 July 2006. Essentially, this is a chance to be a judge of appeals from the Trade Mark Registry that aren't going to be appealed, so you can do as you please.

Right: as Appointed Person you'll have the power of life and death over some highly vulnerable trade mark applications

The pay's £600 a day, which is better than a kick in the pants. So, if you've got a brain like a computer, a skin like a rhinoceros, the patience of a dial-up internet user and are currently unemployed or under-employed - or just like seeing your name in the Law Reports from time to time, this could be for you.

Details here.

Latest Patent World

The July/August issue of Patent World is now out. Published by Informa, this title contains a varied diet of contributions - usually highly succinct and topical - on patent law and practice. The IPKat always enjoys perusing it, since PW provides a fairly painless way to find out what his friends and fiends are saying on subjects of contemporary interest.

This issue profiles Peter Lawrence (winner of the publisher's WORLDleaders 2005 Award for Best Achievement in National and International Affairs). In addition, veteran commentator Kenneth Adamo (Jones Day) explains the US Supreme Court ruling in eBay v MercExchange that injunctions aren't automatic for patent infringement and Rowan Freeland and Scott Parker (Simmons & Simmons) discuss the proposed EU directive on IP offences.
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Anonymous said...

Re: Appointed Person

Judging by the way IPKAT and the advertisers describe the post, most people would take the kick in the pants rather than the £600.

As always though, the post and qualities required are hopelessly exagerrated.

In fact, the registry decide all the facts. All you need to do look at CFI and ECJ law and take the opposite view :)

Anonymous said...

A job for IPKat then?! ;-)

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