CNet reports that members of Hong Kong’s Boy Scouts movement and other uniformed youth movements with participants between the ages of 9 and 25 are to monitor the internet to report copyright infringers. As the first wave of the campaign, 1,600 youths will vow to participate in the Youth Ambassadors programme in a Hong Kong stadium tomorrow. All members of the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides are expected to participate. If they spot infringing material, they will report it to the authorities via a password-protected website, who will verify the posting and then inform the relevant trade group.

The IPKat is speechless.
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Anonymous said...

In my experience it is the 9-25 year olds that are doing the copyright infringement.

"Sorry, officer, I thought that you were allowed to make six copies of that song without paying....."

Anonymous said...

Scouting for Boys. At the British Library, St. Pancras, you can buy reproductions of the original publication including the special section for Scoutmasters giving advice on .........

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