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The IPKat has recently been reminded of the existence of Le petit Musée des Marques (a.k.a. pMdM), which carries lots of exciting stuff for trade mark enthusiasts to read - even if (or especially because) it is in French ... (the title means "The Little Museum of Marks").

Curator of this museum is Frédéric Glaize (right), whose CV you can peruse here. He practises with the Strasbourg firm of Meyer & Partenaires and is obviously a man to be taken seriously.


Another blog that the IPKat religiously added to his list of favourites and then promptly forgot to check up on is Lawrence B. Ebert's IPBiz, which gives the lowdown on some of the seamier aspects of IP law and practice - including the fact that IP lawyers all need to charge but some apparently need to overcharge ...

Lawrence is a lawyer from New Jersey who knows both how to write and how to think. He can be contacted here.

I spy ... Word Spy

The IPKat doesn't know when it roared back into life, but the very useful Word Spy website is now definitely up and running again. This site is a highly useful place to find neologisms (that's a fancy word for newly-minted terms), together with examples of their use.

Merpel says, don't think this site is just for crossword puzzle fanatics - it picks up on usages that incorporate well known trade marks too. Four of the site's Top 100 usages incorporate the word mark Google, for instance, plus the parodistic crackberry (cf. BlackBerry) and a dig at Wal-Mart.
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