Goon's guide again

Right: some people read about IP enforcement because they have to. Others read for the shear pleasure of it ..

Yesterday the IPKat asked, on behalf of one of his friends:
"Is there a goons' guide to the Brussels/Lugano Conventions with regard to enforcement of intellectual property rights? Or a good article - or for that matter a good textbook?"
He's now received some answers. Mats Björkenfeldt, an Advokat and dedicated IP enthusiast with Hjalmar Petris Advokatbyrå HB, Stockholm suggests
Josef Drexl and Annette Kur (eds), Intellectual Property and Private International Law, IIC Studies, Hart Publishing, 2005

Oren Bigos, "Jurisdiction Over Cross-Border Wrongs on the Internet", International and Comperative Law Quarterly, 2005 pp. 585-620.
Meanwhile British scholar Chris Wadlow (University of East Anglia) mentions that he has himself written a book on the subject - not intended as a goons' guide and now, having been published in 1998, relatively out of date. He recommends
James J. Fawcett and Paul Torremans, Intellectual Property and Private International Law, published by OUP, also in 1998.
The IPKat thanks both Mats and Chris for taking the trouble to write in.

JIPLP request

The Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice (JIPLP), edited by IPKat co-blogmeister Jeremy, is looking - so far unsuccessfully - for authors for two topics on which it would like to publish articles. Those two topics are
* A review of intellectual property-related litigation brought against Google around the world [realistically this might have to be divided into several articles, dealing respectively with patent claims, copyright related issues and trade marks], and

* An introduction to "green issues" - where IP meets environmental concerns.
If you're interested in writing on one of these topics and think you can do so while keeping within the JIPLP instructions for authors, please email Jeremy at and let him know.
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