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Sunday, 12 November 2006


Goon's guide

One of the IPKat's friends has asked him:

"Is there a goons' guide to the Brussels/Lugano Conventions with regard to enforcement of intellectual property rights? Or a good article - or for that matter a good textbook?"
If you have any good recommendations, email the IPKat at and he'll be delighted to pass them on.

Latest JIPLP

The November 2006 issue of Oxford University Press's monthly Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice has now been published. Discerning subscribers will already have noticed that, with each passing month, the day the JIPLPs are sent out gets closer and closer to the beginning of the month that appears on the cover. Well done!

Among the features in this issue are the following:
* Sven Sturmann and Gordon Humphreys show that there's far more to turning a Community trade mark application into separate national applications than just filling in a form;

* Tom Guthrie looks at Italian litigation involving mod chips - are there serious copyright infringement issues to resolve?

* The mighty McDonalds fails miserably in its attempt to suffocate McBRAT in Australia, as told by Amanda McBratney;

* Ed Meilman, Hua Gao and Brian M. McGuire explain just when you can and can't expect to get injunctive relief in US patent infringement proceedings.
Full contents of the current issue here
To read the Editorial - and indeed all the all the Editorials so far, click here
Guidance for authors here
Free inspection copy here
Subscription details here

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