Kat has apoplexy over email release

The IPKat is in a state of acute distress over his receipt of a missive headed "Harbottles fights alleged Procul Harum organ transplant" from The Lawyer. Apart from Proculising Procol, the missive refers to
" ... '60s prog-rock one-hit wonder Procol Harum ...".
Surely some mistake! One hit wonder? Never! One half of the IPKat has happy memories of Conquistador, Homburg, Shine on Brightly, Magdalene (My Regal Zonophone), Salty Dog and Souvenir of London - not to mention the hit that Procol Harum had before they were even Procol Harum when, as the Paramounts, they notched up a notable chart success with Poison Ivy (the selfsame Paramounts who were the backing group for Sandy "Always Something There to Remind Me" Shaw" ...)

Helpful Procol Harum discography here
KAT HAS APOPLEXY OVER EMAIL RELEASE KAT HAS APOPLEXY OVER EMAIL RELEASE Reviewed by Jeremy on Tuesday, November 14, 2006 Rating: 5


Retro Rocker said...

Can't compete with the Coasters' 'Poison Ivy'.

Guy said...

Here, here! I am not a pop music fan but I treasure my copy of Homburg although nowadays I play it in private.

Graeme Fearon said...

Maybe Harbottles are trying to show off a classical education? Procul (adverb: "far from, at a distance") is at least a Latin word - "procol" isn't. But that still leaves the problem that harum is, as any fule kno, a plural genetive feminine so we're still not exactly talking Ciceronian standards of grammar...

The IP Dog said...

It was very obvious that post wasn't written by Ilannah!!!
(Although just being age-ist and showing my prejudices about 60s music!)

Ilanah said...

Quite right - I prefer 50s music.

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