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Right: Michael Silverleaf QC, who has been Consulting Editor of IP&T since its inception.

The November/December 2006 issue of LexisNexis Butterworths' Intellectual Property and Technology Cases has now been published. It contains just four reported cases, but they're pretty big ones:

* Emanuel v Continental Shelf 128 Ltd (the ECJ's ruling that it's not deceptive for a trade mark consisting of a name to be registered in someone else's name, so long as no-one's pretending the person named has any connection with the proprietor's business);

* SmithKline Beecham v Apotex (Court of Appeal decision on whether someone who isn't a party to patent infringement proceedings can still get the benefit of a cross-undertaking as to damages by the patent owner);

* The two August Storck cases, heard by the European Court of Justice, involving non-registrability as a Community trade mark of the shape of a delicious but visually non-distinctive confection and its wrapper.

Left: er, not that stork, silly ...

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Anonymous said...

A bit disapointing for Mr Continental Shelf 128.

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