Neogum fights the Bull

The IPKat has received this missive from Sirazhutdin Tabukov in the United Arab Emirates:

The UAE branch of the UK based company Neogum has filed an application for the TX trade mark in the UAE. Red Bull has recently filed an opposition in the local Trademark Office, stating that the alleged trade mark is confusingly similar to theirs, even though the products of two companies fall within different classes under the Nice classification.

It remains to be seen how things will go. The companies may negotiate some slight changes in the TX mark as to the colours or overall design. However, Red Bull does not seem to have a solid ground to bring the case to court.

The IPKat assumes that the problem is not so much the TX as the red and yellow horse logo that Neogum's products displays. He's always reluctant to comment on an unresolved dispute if no-one's paying him, but he's happy to hear from any readers who have strong, publishable opinions. Merpel adds, it's good to hear from places like the UAE, where we don't often get a chance to see how IP protection works out in practice.
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nitika said...

heyy where can i find this in belgium-antwerp???

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