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Friday, 24 November 2006


The IPKat learns from USA Today that the Library of Congress has recognised six exceptions to the rules against decryption of technological protection measures under the DMCA. These include:

*Allowing users of mobile phones to break software which locks their handsets in with a particular network;

*Allowing academics to break locks on DVDs to obtain film snippets which will be used for teaching compilations;

* Allowing blind people use special software to read copy-protected electronic books

However, there is no exception for decrypting security protection CDs to allow their contents to be copied on to MP3 players.

The exceptions will expire after three years.

The IPKat welcomes what sound like clearly defined, sensible, competition and social welfare minded exceptions.


Jeremy said...

If these are so welcome as "clearly defined, sensible, competition and social welfare minded exceptions", shouldn't we be vaguely worried that we've only got three years during which to rely on them?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad they'll have to reconsider in three years time, as there is surely a few more that could be added to the list of exceptions.


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