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Thursday, 4 January 2007

IPKat Gowers briefings; Trade marks as collateral - any thoughts?

IPKat Gowers briefings

There's still room for a few more bodies at the IPKat's second Gowers Review briefing session next Monday, 8 January 2007. Further dates are 22 and 29 January. Details here.

Trade marks as collateral: any thoughts?

Through no fault of his own, IPKat co-bloggie Jeremy finds himself moderating a session at the Second International Colloquium on Secured Transactions: Security interests in intellectual property rights, organised and hosted by UNCITRAL in Vienna on 18-19 January 2007. He is moderating the session dealing with trade marks as security interests. With this in mind, he wonders if any readers of this post have any useful perspectives or comments they can share with him - particularly concerning any problems they have experienced borrowing, lending or as interested third parties in deals involving trade mark securitisation. If so, can they please email him here and let him know.

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