WIPO logo competition - oh, the embarrassment!

WIPO logo competition - oh, the embarrassment!

Readers may recall the IPKat organising a competition late last year. The object was to design a new WIPO logo; the prize was complimentary registration for the CLT 2007 Intellectual Property Conference in Central London on 25 January. Well, the IPKat received several entries and assiduously printed them out - but has since mislaid the emails that accompanied them. The result is that the IPKat has chosen the winner (right), based on the punning theme of "why" + (teletubby) Po (which sounds when read in English as "WIPO"). If anyone remembers designing this logo, can he or she please contact the IPKat here and claim the prize.

A second entry that caught the IPKat's eye was this very attractive and well-crafted piece of artwork (left) which looks very handsome.

Another entry which the IPKat liked was not so much a logo as an illustrated theme - the Tower of Babel (right), presumably something to do with the large number of languages heard in WIPO's headquarters in Geneva and a passionate desire to conquer the world. Congratulations to the runners-up.

If the people who submitted these entries are so good as to email the IPKat here, he'll be pleased to acknowledge their efforts.

Full conference details here
WIPO logo competition - oh, the embarrassment! WIPO logo competition  -  oh, the embarrassment! Reviewed by Jeremy on Monday, January 15, 2007 Rating: 5


  1. Will the author of the previous comment please own up? If this isn't a strong candidate for "most agonising pun of the year", I don't know what is!

  2. There must be room for the EPO and UK PO here, as in:

    E,Po; why Po ?; oh, him; *UK Po.

    Enough. Jeremy call a halt please we're all going mad.

  3. Now that most of the English-speaking world calls WIPO "why-po" (though many Francophones and other speakers of Latin tongues prefer "wee-po"), it seems strange to recall that Dr Arpad Bogsch - Director General of WIPO for a NEVER-to-be-repeated 24 years - refused to allow staff to pronounce it as "why-po", declaring that it sounded like a brand of toilet paper. But, as we see, branding has come a long way since he retired in 1997 and it is doubtful that any manufacturer of toilet roll would want to associate its product with the profitable and enterprising UN agency.

  4. What rubbish about Francophones and WIPO!! They pronounce it as OMPI (a kind of cross-cultural reference OM - as in Eastern meditation - and Pee. It stands for Organisation Mondiale de la Propriete [the 2 e-s shd have an acute accent] Intellectuelle.


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