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Tuesday, 11 September 2007

When thank you isn't enough

The IPKat is intrigued by a decision by singer Amy Winehouse (which he learnt of from Chocolate) to settle a claim against her by songwriter and producer P*Nut. Mr Nut (otherwise known as John Harrison) claims to have co-written a track on Winehouse’s hit ‘Back to the Black’, but was not credited as an author. Instead, he we given a ‘thank you’ in the credits.

The IPKat is a bit disappointed that this didn’t turn into a fully-blown paternity right case, but he can see that a mere ‘thank you’ wouldn’t meet the need to identify a person as the author. He notes that with this settlement comes a chunk of the royalties for Mr Nut – suggesting a finanical motiviation for asserting the moral right.


Hector MacQueen said...

Could this have been a joint authorship rather than a moral right claim? - in which case pay-off based on royalties is less inappropriate than it would be in a pure moral right case.

Ilanah said...

I wondered that, though the issue is clearly identified in the report as *how* he was acknowledged. I don't know if the two are so separable anyway - a right to be named as author would suggest you're joint author (assuming you didn't do all the work yourself) and vice-versa.

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