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Friday, 5 June 2009

A bit of blog news

It has been an exciting week for intellectual property blogs, what with the first full week of polling for Top Patent Blog (masterminded by Gene Quinn, right: see IP Watchdog here). At the time of writing, the excellent and highly-focused Patently-O is deservedly way ahead in both the Favourite Blog and Most Regularly Read Blog categories,  but the IPKat -- which is not a patent blog but a general interest IP blog -- isn't doing badly.  All the Kats are thrilled to be up there with the leaders, especially since it's not always easy for European patent blogs to get noticed on the other side of the Atlantic, where the domestic market is so well served.

Current leaders in the two categories (each of which features the 50 Technorati/Alexa highest-rated patent blogs) are as follows:
Favourite Blog
Patently-O (35.0%)
Patent Circle (10.6%)
IPKat (8.6%)
European Patent Case Law (7.5%)
Spicy IP (7.4%)

Most Regularly Read Blog [more than one vote may be cast in this poll]
Patently-O (52.5%)
IPKat (14.9%)
IP Watchdog (14.8%)
Patent Circle (13.5%)
Patent Baristas (12.5%)
271 Patent Blog (12.4%)
If you haven't voted yet, there's still time to do so. Just click here.  If nothing else, it's instructive to visit some of the listed blogs and check them out for yourself. There is some excellent information and indeed scholarship lurking out there in the blogosphere -- and it's all free.

Other IP blogs the IPKat has been perusing recently include the Italian (and sometimes English) ipFaber, operated by the law firm of the same name, and the Duets Blog ("Collaborations in creativity and the law"), written by a nine-person team with plenty of humour as well as insight. And let's not forget Beauty Marks, where Jessica Stone Levy shares a spot of well-crafted self-indulgence with her readers.  And if you have an interest in intellectual property in Poland, the IPKat's friend Berenika Depo (LDS Lazewski Depo & Partners) can help you. Her IP Blog provides some useful information about what's going on in that increasingly IP-active jurisdiction

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