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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

EQE Results

Today is the day that hundreds of candidates who took the European Qualifying Exams back in March find out whether they have the results they have been hoping for (from the EPO here - user name and password required).

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The IPKat would like to congratulate all those who have managed to get (at least some of) the results they wanted, and expresses his sincerely heartfelt condolences to those who didn't. Remember that the deadline for registering for the EQEs in 2010 is coming soon!

By the way, this Kat is particularly pleased as he now appears to be fully qualified, and will shortly have a few more letters after his name to add to the collection.


ARA said...


Jeremy said...

Really annoyed at not being the first to post my congratulations, let me at least be the second. David, it has been a pleasure to work with you on the IPKat. I'm sure that, without prejudice to your functionality, you will also prove to be a great embellishment to your chosen profession.

Peter Groves said...

Well done. Best of luck in the rest of your career.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations !

Anonymous said...

Congartulations David!

Let's hope that the Examination Commission has got their house in order this year and there is no need for the mass filing of appeals, the results of which are timely published:

Anonymous said...

does anyone know when the official results are published?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations David!

David said...

Many thanks for all the kind comments!

Cosmictrout said...

masochistic candidates, successful or otherwise, may be interested to know that the examiner's comments for the 2009 papers are available on the EPO website here:

and the pass rates for this year are here:

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