More talent on offer!

Another individual bubbling with talent and enthusiasm has invoked his friendship with the IPKat in order to cadge a handy plug with a view to a bit of career development. He writes:
"I have a comprehensive understanding of English law and legal procedure together with all aspects of intellectual property law; following my (English) law degree, I was awarded an LLM with Distinction from the University of Edinburgh in IP and IT law, and was graded Outstanding on the Bar Vocational Course at BPP Law School. Before qualifying in law, I worked as an electronics and communications engineer (a field in which I have undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications), a project manager and an in-house technical consultant. My written and verbal communications skills are excellent, and I am an enthusiastic self-starter with a demonstrated record of meeting or exceeding all the goals set of me.

Having recently been called to the Bar, I am keen to gain further experience in IP and related areas. I live in London and am looking for work there or within reasonably commuting distance; I am willing to be extremely flexible as regards working patterns and remuneration".
If you're interested in making contact, please email the IPKat here and he'll happily forward the message. A full CV is available for all who make serious enquiries.
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  1. I think that's enough recruitment adverts now

  2. To Anonymous: these are not recruitment advertisements -- these are pleas by real human beings who have worked hard to obtain an education in IP (in some cases having incurred substantial debt in order to do so) and who are then told, time and time again, that they can't get a job if they don't have experience -- but they can't get experience if they don't have a job.

    Perhaps you can help one of them.

  3. Further to Jeremy's point, the scope of this blog is at the discretion of its authors, and they have every right to extend its remit to matters pertinent to the wider IP community. If particular readers wish to read content specific to their individual role within IP only, perhaps they should consider paying for that content. No little time & effort goes into maintaining a blog such as this & we should be grateful to the Kats for doing so.

  4. Nice answer, Mr. Jeremy. Anonymous, please consider that there are people who does need such "recruitment adverts " since they, their parents or relatives have the right connections. These messages are just a way to help wilful young lawyers who want just learn and practice the knowledge they gained at the university - and also have a salary to survive. Do not be therefore so intolerant: an announcement every week does not disturb at all. The blog is beautiful. Everybody in Europe enjoys it.
    Sorry for my poor English.
    Greetings from Italy


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