The IPKat is under attack - from Google

Many of those wanting to read the IPKat over the last day or two will have seen the warning above. Don't panic - the IPKat has not turned into a malicious feline hacker distributing malware to his trusting readers. Instead, this seems to be a result of Google being a little overzealous in rooting through the IPKat's old posts (all the way back to 2005), and turning up a link (now removed) in one of them to a site that may (or may not) be an intermediary to another site that may (or may not) be hosting malware. The chances of being infected by viewing any of the IPKat's pages are therefore pretty remote.

The IPKat is doing all he reasonably can to rectify the situation, and hopes that things will be back to normal shortly. In the meantime, other means of reading the blog by feed and email should work just fine.
The IPKat is under attack - from Google The IPKat is under attack - from Google Reviewed by David Pearce on Friday, August 28, 2009 Rating: 5


  1. So glad to see you back, my IP kitties...or so I hope....

    Bad Google, bad!

    No treats today for Google. Mean, bad, monopolist spreader of defamatory suggestions about kitty malware.

    IP Kittens wouldn't harm a flea - exepct maybe for Tufty...who wouldn't use malware but would rather use his claws and paws and big, sharp teeth....

    Extra stroking and cat treats for IP Kitties are due.

    And Tufty should be let loose on Google...

    Bad, Google, bad!

  2. Of the three browsers I have (IE, Firefox and Chrome), the only one with which I can access IPKat is Google Chrome!

  3. I don't recall ever consenting to Google becoming a censor or security guard for websites it doesn't like for whatever reason.

    Google - remember, "Don't be evil."

  4. In Firefox, go to Tools -> Options -> Security and disable "Block reported attack sites" and "Block reported web forgeries".

    Note that if you leave those on, Firefox does not send the URLs you visit to Google, but regularly downloads a blacklist and locally checks the URLs against this list.

    I agree that it is very disturbing that some sites are blacklisted for no good reason. It can only be a matter of time before the maintainers are confronted with substantial claims for damages.


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