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Friday, 7 August 2009

Friday fiddlings

There are plenty of exciting things to do which are lined up in the IPKat's Forthcoming Event side bar column. Don't forget to check them out!

The IPKat has received a question from a foreign attorney regarding the protection of patents in Kosovo and Montenegro. He writes to the Kat:

"Since their split from Serbia, I have been unable to ascertain whether any protection is available in Kosovo or Montenegro via the EPC route. I understand that Montenegro intends to become an extension state but that this has not yet come into force. Any light the Kat, or any of the Kat's friends, could shed on this matter would be most appreciated?"
Although the IPKat is not known for his luminosity, and Merpel tends to make light rather than shed it, the team is sure that there's someone out there who is sitting on the answer and who might be kind enough to share it ...

Via the IPKat's trusty friend and transatlantic colleague Miri Frankel comes news that Harvard, that bastion of academic respectability, has decided to extend its brand into the realm of men's fashion. The IPKat is most amused at the Ivy League college's attempt to claim the crown for having literally the smartest students. Merpel says beware: there must surely be a likelihood of confusion between Harvard knicks and Harvey Nicks ...

Around the internet: the summer is traditionally a quiet time for IP bloggers, who have do find something creative to do when they've got nothing to report. Perhaps this is why patent litigation weblog PatLit is trying to scrounge a logo for use on publicity literature for conferences and seminars. Anyone with oodles of artistic or graphic talent, and lots of time on their hands, is welcome to assist. With no real logo of its own, PatLit adopted this rather cute picture of Puck for reasons which, if they were ever known, have long been forgotten. Elsewhere on the ether SABIP, the Standing Advisory Board for Intellectual Property in the UK, shocked its 34 followers on Twitter [Merpel says, I bet it'll have a few more after this posting] by announcing that it was going to give its website an overhaul. If you've got any suggestions as to how SABIP can improve its site, do tell!

1 comment:

Derk Visser said...

The latest official notice of the EPO about Montenegro I know of was published in the Official Journal 2007, page 406. As of 04.06.2006 the extension agreement with the EPO applies only to Serbia and not anymore to Montenegro.
Montenegro and the EPO have signed an extension agreement on 16.02.2009, which still has to enter into force (see
Hence, protection via the EPC route is not at present available for Montenegro.
As far as I know there have been no official announcements about protection in Kosovo via the EPC route.

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