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Monday, 29 March 2010

Google AdWord Rapid Response seminar: the video!

Following the IPKat's Rapid Response seminar on the ruling last week of the Court of Justice of the European Communities in Google France v Louis Vuitton etc (reported here), the Kats are pleased to inform readers that the video of the event is now available. You can click through to it here, courtesy of the seminar's hosts Ashurst.


Anonymous said...

Oh... why am I forced to download a browser to be able to watch this video? What about interoperability?

Anonymous said...

So I download netscape and it still does not play. Call me stupid but in a world with Youtube why are we being forced to download two antiquated browsers, one with now infamous security flaws, in order to watch this. IPkat this is not very IP savvy.

Anonymous said...

Downloaded Netscape and I still cannot watch the video. In a world with Youtube this is rather pathetic, being asked to download one of two antiquated browsers one of which has what are now infamous security flaws! IPkat this is not very IP savvy.

Nikos Prentoulis said...

The video was a great idea!! And an opportunity for those of us who were unable to attend to get the vibe of such an informative seminar.

David said...

Sometimes I am just amazed at the petulant ungratefulness of some of the IPKat's readers. To the first 3 commenters, I suggest that you find a computer that has IE5 or later and watch the blooming thing. It's not that difficult. Oh, and don't forget to be grateful to the nice people at Ashurst for making it available at all.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to all those concerned for making this available, for those of us based in the North it can be difficult to attend these events in person so the video is a very useful aid. Now I just need a PC to watch it on rather than my mac... I don't get to say that very often.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, have to agree that it's unfortunate you require IE to watch it, because it means I will miss it. I'm not going to download a buggy, insecure browser just to watch one video. A very significant part of internet users (half?) use non-IE browsers. It's really not that hard to be more universally interoperable. It's a shame, I'm sure it has interesting and valuable information.

austrotrabant said...

True! Thanks again to Ashurst for supporting the IPKats and their followers! Everything went just perfectly fine and I for sure enjoyed very intersting and nice talks after the event!

I might be interested what the reasons for the browser restrictions are, as ... and I am pretty confident in this matter it won't take long until members of the IPKat community would find a solution that would enable providing this video also through a more "browser-liberal"source.

So long, and thank you for the ... nibbles"


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