Cheese, wine and celebrity rhyme mark World IP Day

As regular readers will by now surely know, World Intellectual Property Day is Monday, 26 April. To celebrate it, the IPKat is holding a special event -- a Cheese and Wine Celebrity Poetry Reception. This is a drop-in event which takes place between 5pm and 7pm in the big room with the lovely views at the top of the office of Olswang LLP's building in High Holborn, Central London. To mark the occasion, a variety of leading personalities in the field of intellectual property have been invited to read their favourite poems. This will give us all an opportunity to sample some genuine intellectual property in addition to the edible fare. It will also give our celebrity poetry readers a chance to demonstrate a more human side to their regular personas. A list of celebrities will be published on this weblog next week.

Even if you're not so keen on cheese and don't drink wine, we hope you will still attend since there will be some great opportunities to chill with fellow IP enthusiasts and remind yourself that, despite all the bad press that IP seems to be getting these days, there's lots to be proud of.

This splendid event is absolutely free -- just email Emma Killick here with the subject heading "Cheese and Wine" and she'll add you to the list. In the event that there are too many takers, we'll pull names out of a hat!

Sponsors of this glorious celebration of intellectual property are (in alphabetical order):
If any other individual, firm or company would like to contribute something sponsorable, he/she/it should email Jeremy here and tell him, preferably before the event ...
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  1. Given the nature of those present and what will be served, one hopes that no geographic indications for wine, cheese or any other consumables will be infringed in the course of this wonderful event.

    Not to mention that you should avoid any unauthorized parallel imports from outside the EU.

    Could you post MP3 recordings of the poetry readings - having obtained suitable clearances, of course, from the performers?

    Maybe even have a contest as to the best reader?

    Wishing I could be there...


  2. ... such readers having permission from the holders of the copyright in the poetry, granting them permission to publicly perform their copyright material ...?

  3. Dear David: since you ask, I've already offered to seek copyright clearance on behalf of our celebrities in respect of poems still protected by copyright. One of our celebs is reciting her own work, of which she is the copyright owner.

  4. Dear Jeremy:

    If the celeb in question claims to be the copyright owner, be sure to get a warranty and indemnity.

    And make sure that the poem doesn't refer to Kookaburra birds or gum trees.

  5. as long as your celeb hasn't assigned her rights to the publisher.

    LOL re-read that and if you need me to recite a poem on sucking eggs, let me know ...

  6. Perhaps a few limerics would help - I give these to the commons - give them back if you don't like them!

    There was a stern lawyer in Blighty.
    Whose law firm was angry and fighty.
    For income inflation,
    Age discrimination,
    Was pleaded, and thus he moved lightly.

    There was a niche law firm of Holborn,
    Who refused growth to come on the slow-burn,
    They said they were experts,
    And enjoyed large growth spurts,
    But found there was troubling client churn

    There was a old firm in the City,
    That seemed to have misplaced their Chitty.
    They drafted their pleadings,
    forgot second readings,
    and found courts bereft of much pity.

    There was an attorney of pay-tents,
    whose skills he ensured were not latent.
    Yes, over the bubbly,
    he said his work's lovely,
    and people sped off with such cadence

    There was a young captain with wings,
    Who enjoyed those IP-right things.
    He was such a rotter!
    the names in his jotter!
    betrayed his penchant for his odd flings

    There once was a senior judge,
    He made an abomniable fudge,
    of quite simple matters,
    such judicial splatters,
    they forced him from office to budge


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