IPEC seminar: a report

IPEC: Intellectual Property Enforcement Cats, ready for action ...
Thanks to some sterling efforts on the part of the IPKat's honoured and revered friend Ava Miller, we now have a set of notes on yesterday evening's seminar on the role of the IPEC (the US Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator) and whether it might be appropriate to consider adapting this role for use in the UK. Since Ava's notes run to not much short of 3,000 words, we've loaded them into the back pages of the blog itself and you can read them by clicking here.

The IPKat understands that there is a distinct possibility that a political initiative will be launched soon to investigate further whether the practice and the principle of coordinated intellectual property enforcement can and should be made workable.  More of that in the future.  Meanwhile, all the Kats can say is
"thanks, so much, to everyone who attended -- those who spoke from the front, and those who bravely spoke from the floor. Your presence and your contributions were very much appreciated".
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