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Readers with a keen eye on their diaries will have noted that we have had in rather short succession World Intellectual Property Day on 26 April and National Limerick Day on 12 May.  The IPKat has decided to merge the two, and wishes to announce the running of an IP Limerick Competition.

To get readers in the mood, he will offer his own piece, which was in turn prompted by one from his friends at Managing Intellectual Property, whose opening lines he stole borrowed was inspired by.

The judges at the Supreme Court
Don’t always do what they ought
And so they malign
A breakthrough design
Whose representations fall short.

This pays homage to the recent Trunki decision, reported by the IPKat here.

So, for this competition, contestants are invited to contribute a limerick on the subject of a decision from a supreme court (or similar - including CJEU and Bundesgerichtshof*) in any country in the the world on any intellectual property or related matter.  The limerick should conform to the traditional aabba rhyme pattern of the example above and at least pay homage to the customary scansion. The submission should also include a reference to the case being referenced, and a very brief (50-100 words) precis of its subject matter.  Please identify yourself in your submission - anonymous submissions will be disregarded.   (*the IPKat realises that this will offend purists, but is adopting a purposive construction)

Please email your submissions to  Submissions made elsewhere (eg in the comments section of this post) will not be considered in the competition.

It is up to you whether you wish to complimentary or disparaging of the judgment concerned.  UK-based readers may wish to bear in mind that while scandalising the judiciary no longer constitutes contempt of court in England and Wales, the IPKat seems to recall that murmuring judges is still an offence in Scotland.

Submissions will be judged according to arbitrary and undisclosed criteria by this Kat and a volunteer from Managing Intellectual Property.  MIP has also kindly agreed to donate the prize, which will be one complimentary place at a Managing IP event of the winner's choice within the next 12 months.  This will include catering and CPD, but will exclude travel and accommodation expenses.

The deadline for submissions is 23 June 2016 - the same day as the UK vote on whether to leave the EU, to help you remember.

Authors will retain copyright in their submissions, but, by submitting their entries, grant the IPKat a licence to publish on this blog any entries that he chooses, including the winner and runners up. They will then be subject to the usual IPKat Creative Commons licence (see the IPKat sidebar).
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Anonymous said...

A judge once wrote a decision
The president saw with derision.
He was removed from his post,
And given at most
A pension that no one could live on.
LC Lovegood

J Smith said...

Eponia boss Battistelli
Tried moving the Boards to New Delhi
But later that evening
He went through the ceiling
When they criticised him on the telly.

Alex Robinson said...

An ode to G 1/15:

The question re. "Generic OR-claims"
means headaches for all in the law game.
Reviewing the briefs
I bit through my teeth
So now I'm just in even more pain.

THE US anon said...

Philosophy war
Control of the Narrative
Who are the players?

THE US anon said...

^^^ oops - that was for the Haiku competition... ;-)

THE US anon said...

There once was a “troll” from offshore
Who was far too dangerous to ignore
No way to fight
To disprove what’s right
The only course, to show his posts no more.

Jan Denoncourt said...

The UK has an IP Enterprise Court
To give rightsholders support
Where infringers abound
Judges publish their grounds
Making orders to pay up and abort

Anonymous said...

As good as half a lifetime ago
Conscientious examiners at the EPO
Were proud to do a job well done
To serve the European public as one
but now are hindered to do so.

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