Back to work, so here's an IP blogroll

Various members of the IPKat blogging team also contribute to other weblogs with intellectual property content, and every few months the IPKat posts a note to draw the attention of recent readers to their existence:

The 1709 Blog caters for the copyright enthusiast. With input from a panel of guest bloggers plus the regular team, its coverage of all aspects of copyright law and practice is rich and varied (

The SPC Blog is a handy information source for anyone who is involved in the tiny but invaluable world of supplementary protection certificates for pharmaceutical and agrichemical patents (

PatLit tackles a wide range of patent dispute resolution topics, not just from the UK but from wherever interesting news and comments emerge (

IP Finance touches that delicate interface between intellectual property and the world of finance, addressing securitisation, valuation, royalty rates, assessment of damages, the death of old business plans and the evolution of new ones (

Fashionista-at-law is not confined to intellectual property law but sheds light on all aspects of one of the world's most conspicuous and eye-catching sectors (

Class 46, founded by friends of MARQUES and driven by a 10-strong team, this blog delivers trade mark and brand-related news and developments from across Europe. Class 46 is now hosted by MARQUES (

Datonomy focuses on the tensions between personal data regulation, the rights of individual data subjects and the needs of commercial and public data users (

Class 99 is dedicated to design law and practice in the UK, in Europe and beyond. It is written by a team of acknowledged experts in the field (

Two regional weblogs also cover IP activity. Afro-IP ( deals with the IP scene in Africa, while IPTango ( does the same for Latin America.

The Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice, published by Oxford University Press and edited by IPKat team member Jeremy, has both an official website and its own blog, jiplp (, which posts some of the journal's content along with related news and features.

The IPKat is of course always interested to hear about other IP weblogs and to spread the word to other readers, via his regular Monday, Wednesday and Friday round-up features. If you know of a newly-launched IP blog, or if an existing blog has just undergone a major change, do please email the IPKat here and let him know.
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  1. Wouldn't normally count as an IP blog, but see today's '"Intellectual" Property Lawyer' at Off the Law:
    And a happy new year to you!


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