Happy World IP Day!

The AmeriKat is currently writing this post at 37,000 feet somewhere off the east coast of the US. As eye-rolling as this may sound, she loves these moments where she can look towards the horizon and ponder on the various things going on in her life. However, she has been finding it more difficult to ponder and to plan given the turbulent times in which we live and the impact on our IP field.

Political discourse across the world is being exchanged at a fevered pace and in fevered tones.  Uncertainty as to the direction and destination of some of the world's biggest consumer markets permeates news headlines.  In the midst of this flux, what role does IP have?  Well,in the vein of Brad Smith's (General Counsel, Microsoft), comments during Fordham last week, IP will have an important role to play and one that it has been accustomed in playing through centuries of technological upheaval, political change and troubling periods of history.  

The way in which nations, innovators and the public have engaged with IP during these times have been diverse and context specific.  Some countries in their infancy, like the US, chose not to engage with IP at all (or at least minimally).  Other countries through various periods have adopted different approaches on substantive IP and trade issues.  There has been a continuum of different national approaches towards IP and, belatedly, some international harmonization.  

But, perhaps, in these polarized and divisive times there may be a new role of IP.  That as a unifying force. IP has common goals of incentivzing innovation and creation for the benefit of society.   IP also touches on everything.  It is the life blood of companies and individuals who rely on protection to get their products and works to the public.  It employs people.  It nourishes people.  It challenges people. 

So on this IP day perhaps we should think a bit about what unites us in our profession, despite all the challenges (and opportunities) that lay head politically and how we can provide strong united leadership in IP, policy and innovation over the coming year for the benefit of all.  

And with that rosy, high-altitude perspective relayed.... 

Happy World IP Day from the entire IPKat team!

(And happy birthday Sir Robin Jacob!)

Happy World IP Day! Happy World IP Day! Reviewed by Annsley Merelle Ward on Wednesday, April 26, 2017 Rating: 5


  1. I'm always happy to celebrate Internet Protocol Day with you!

    --dave (using IP as we speak) c-b

  2. Lay off the airport liquor, Annsley.


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