Celebrating World IP Day with Topodo.co

Today's World IP Day and the 80th birthday celebration of IP giant Sir Robin Jacob. 

The IPKat is pleased to mark this year's festivities by helping unveil Topodo.co, brought to our readers by EUIPO's Arnaud Folliard-Monguiral. Arnaud explains what it is all about:

Who is Topodo.co? This is the stage name of Ricardo del Rosal and Arnaud Folliard-Monguiral.

Ricardo is an IT programmer with a 40-year experience in coding and developing QR codes. Arnaud has been working at the EUIPO for 20 years.

They met in a coworking space in Alicante while the Office was closed, and shared ideas about how to make use of messages with a dose of non-sense together with an original graphical presentation.

The Topodo.co Club gathers other talents, starting from Bea Rizo who is the greatest clothing designer you have ever met, to Carl Schlienger who brings his youth and energy to communication on social networks.

Topodo.co’s projects include:
    • The edition of an online diary for the lazy: everyday, 3 lines, 30 characters at max and about as many reasons to like or dislike!
    • A street art exhibition in Valencia, ‘Post Covidus Animal Triste’, in June 2021;
    • ‘Cursed by William’: Mr Shakespeare’s lexicon spans from the highest poetry to the crudest insults, but always with an unparalleled inventiveness. This is the second aspect of William’s works which the Topodo.co Club wanted to explore and celebrate; and
    • An attempt at refreshing communication about, inter alia, intellectual property.
This is this last project which Topodo.co wishes to share with all IP professionals on the occasion of the World IP Day.

We’re particularly proud to get the support of the IPKat. The Kat has no equivalent in IP. Not only because it embraces topics in all possible fields of IP with equal depth and insight. Most of all its sense of humour which aggregates a true community around it. Meowww!

The Topodo.co webpage will open on 26 April, it will most probably smell of fresh paint...

Enroll & Rock at https://topodo.co. See also YouTube presentation here.

Happy World IP Day from The IPKat Team! 

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