Never Too Late: If you missed the IPKat last week!

Although this Kat struggled to understand the mysterious energies from last week's moon eclipse, the stars and the planets have aligned to bring you the latest posts from the Katworld.  

A Kat contemplating the complex beauty of the universe

Adele has stolen the spotlight with her new album and also with a special request to Spotify to disable its shuffle button so that listeners could listen to the album the way the artist intended. InternKat Giorgio Luceri discussed these events under the lens of the moral right of integrity.  

Skipping to the next track, SpecialKat Hayleigh Bosher brought an update on the current debate in the UK regarding the new Copyright Bill proposing new laws for equitable remuneration for streaming, contract adjustment, right of revocation, and transparency. 


GuestKat Rose Hughes analysed a recent decision of the English High Court regarding the clinical formulation of Bayer's cancer drug, sorafenib. The High Court found that the drug was an obvious outcome of routine drug development. 

Trade Marks

Katfriend Becky Knott analysed a recent decision from the General Court (GC), regarding a potential use and exploitation of the reputation of the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) ‘Porto’ by the trade mark application "Portwo Gin", designating "Spirits [beverages]”. Spoiler: The GC considered that the referred application would exploit the reputation of the Porto PDO.


Guest Jan Jacobi investigated the limits of parody based on a pending case before the Dutch Supreme Court that involves the use of a look-a-like of a famous F1 racer in a commercial and whether it would constitute a potential infringement of his portrait/image rights. 

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) published its annual World Intellectual Property Indicators Report, reviewing global IP activity in 2020. SpecialKat Tian Lu wrote a short summary of the report. 

Part II of the review GuestKat Anastasiia Kyrylenko wrote for the book Handbook of Intellectual Property Research” (ed. by I. Calboli and M. Montagnani, OUP, 912 pp.) is available now (you can check part I here). 

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