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It is nearly the end of January. Here is the latest report on the interesting opportunities and events happening in the next few months. 


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The International Society for the History and Theory of Intellectual Property (ISHTIP) at the Tel Aviv University will held its 14th Annual Conference, which this year will focus on the theme IP and Migration – of people, information, technology, creativity and law. The conference is particularly interested in the process of IP and Migration: How do authors adjust to new cultural, economic and legal environments? Do the incumbent cultural, social and legal systems change as they respond to the migration of the creative people or their imported business practices? How do products and trademarks fit within a new environment? What happens when a foreign entity – being a colonizer, an investor or a consumer – meets and interacts with the locals? How do ideas travel across borders, cultures and across time? Here and here, for the the call for papers and more information. The deadline for the submission of proposals is 31st January.

The conference is hosted by the S. Horowitz Institute for IP, and the David Berg Institute for Law and History, both at TAU Law, and is supported by Pearle Cohen Law firm. The reception will take place on 19th June and conference from 20th to 21st June 2023. More information here.

IP and the Metaverse 

The panel organised by The UCL Institute of Brand & Innovation Law, as part of the Annual Brands Seminar, will focus on the debate concerning the topic of IP in the Metaverse. The event will be dedicated to the discussion of how the Metaverse is not just about games, but also about business and about the new economy in virtual products. The following questions will be considered: How well are our current IP protection schemes – which already protect ‘intangible’ assets – suited to the virtual Meta-age? Should IP law adapt to the Metaverse, or is it the Metaverse that must adapt? What are the main IP challenges and possible solutions? Where does infringement take place? Who can be sued? Which exceptions might apply?
The Rt. Hon. Sir Colin Birss, Lord Justice of Appeal and Deputy Head of Civil Justice, chairs the panel that involves the following speakers: 
·  Darya Firsava, Head of IP, Senior Counsel,
·  Dr Stephen Hughes, Lecturer at UCL’s Department of Science and Technology Studies
·  Dr Michaela MacDonald, Lecturer at School for Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Teaching Fellow at Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University London. 
The panel will be held both in person, at Bentham House in London and live streamed on 22nd February 2023, at 6 pm. It is possible to find more information and to register here.


Retromark: the conference is back! This year it will take place at 2pm on Tuesday 2nd May at the Moorgate offices of Simmons & Simmons in association with the IPKat. The keynote speech will be given by His Honour Judge Richard Hacon, Presiding Judge of the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court, with the full agenda to be announced in the near future.
Tickets will be free with an optional charitable donation and are likely to sell out pretty quickly, so put a save the date in your diary and look out for more information in the coming weeks.

2023 SERCI Annual Congress 

The Society for Economic Research on Copyright Issues will host its Annual Congress in Bournemouth, United Kingdom, on 6 and 7 July 2023. The SERCI Invited Guest Lecture will be delivered by Prof. Abhinay Muthoo, National Institute of Economic and Social Research. The deadline for submitting a detailed abstract of papers on any topic discussing the relationship between copyright and economics – for example optimal legal copyright parameters, the economic effects of copyright, models of copyright licensing, theoretical and empirical analyses of copyright policy, copyright and creativity, copyright and the macroeconomy, new models of protection of creative works – is Monday 1st May 2023. More information and details for the submission of proposals here.

EPIP 2023 Conference – IP, innovation and technology – challenging the present, inspiring the future

The European Policy for Intellectual Property Association (EPIP) will host its 18th Annual Conference in Krakow, Poland, in collaboration with the Intellectual Property Law Chair of the Department of Law and Administration, Jagiellonian University, from 11th to 13th September 2023. The aim of the conference is linked to the exploration of the current state and future of intellectual property, innovation, and technology – including the shifting of IP in the world, the relationship between IP and innovation and open access, the role of IP in shaping sustainable innovation systems, health policies, business models in the digital realm. It will be possible to register for the conference after 1st February 2023.  Find more information here.

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