On 30 July (see our Archive) we blogged the shock news that, in a ground-breaking legal move, the popular fictional characters The Tweenies were proposing to sue British state broadcaster BBC for human rights violations. This move was prompted by allegations that the BBC had abused their names, reputations and personalities by hiring them out for the marketing of obesity-promoting foods. This afternoon, in a phone call to the IPKat, a spokesman for the Teletubbies confirmed that the fab foursome would be issuing similar proceedings against the broadcasting organisation. “My clients are tired of the BBC depriving us of our human rights to privacy and freedom of conscience”, he said. “This is not only in violation of the European Convention of Human Rights but also breaches the terms of the BBC’s Charter”.

The outstanding critic of the BBC’s policy has been Tinky-Winky, whom the corporation has persistently depicted as gay. “My sexual orientation is my own affair”, stated the Teletubby, “and I don’t see why I have been contractually obliged to carry a handbag”. The BBC rebuffed the allegation. “Margaret Thatcher also carried a handbag”, she said, “and no-one called her gay”. Tinky-Winky’s iconic status in the gay community however troubles him. “I have to do whatever the BBC tells me. It’s hard enough for a teletubby to date a girl in Broadcasting House at the best of times, without having to schlep this handbag everywhere I go”.

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