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Tuesday, 20 January 2004


On 13 January the IPKat reported (“Labelling controversy made in the EU”) on the European Commission’s proposal to launch a “Made in EU” label to compete with the “Made in the USA” and “Made in Japan” mega-labels. Businesses in several EU Member States are unhappy about this, since they want consumers to know where the goods they buy are actually coming from -- particularly those companies that emphasise their national ties and trade on their Britishness (like Burberry) or Scottishness (like Scotch whisky).

The latest British development is the establishment of Walpole, a new lobby group. Walpole, which represents a hundred of Britain's most famous luxury brands, is embarking on a media campaign to stop Brussels introducing a generic "Made in EU" label. The group is teaming up with Italian and French lobbyists to fight the proposals. Says Robert Bensoussan, chief executive of luxury shoe brand and Walpole member Jimmy Choo: "EU means UK, Italy, France and their wealth of high-end craftsmanship, tradition and expertise. But it also means Poland, Portugal and Turkey, which cannot be compared. An EU label will only favour cheating and will hurt the final consumer".

The IPKat is glad to see brand owners taking the initiative. If any of our readers knows the name of anyone in the Commission who is responsible for the “Made in the EU” initiative and can be made to defend it, can he or she please send the IPKat an email or post details in the Comment slot below.

One further point: the IPKat is a little dismayed to see Portugal, Poland and Turkey being stigmatised as lacking in craftsmanship, tradition and expertise: those countries have also fine traditions of their own, but just lack the big brand image to go with them.

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Fine craft traditions of Portugal, Poland and Turkey

1 comment:

ISSoft developer said...

I'm triying to set a "Software made in the EU" in our website but I'm really surprised that this isn't a common thing yet.

I feel european and i would like to be able to give to others the knowledge that our products come from the EU.

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