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Sunday, 6 February 2005


This from Ananova, via Las Ultimas Noticias: a new play, called Bed, is being staged by the Aire Theatre Company at La Quinta Normal Theatre in Santiago, Chile. This play has an unusual line in audience participation, since it requires 40 members of the audience to share a giant bed. The lucky participants are selected at random and have to wear blindfolds for the whole hour-long performance. The actors then perform different "experiences" on the volunteers: different sounds, whispering in their ears, touching their bodies with warm towels, massaging them with oils and making them smell different fragrances. The idea is to provoke strong emotional reactions. A spokesman said:

"People say they experience childhood memories. One woman even said she had recovered a lost memory of her father's death".
The IPKat says "I wonder if members of the audience enjoy the right to control the recording and subsequent exploitation of their performances". Merpel says: "Ay, there's the rub ..."

Othello and Desdemona: dramatic in-bed experiences can be fatal ...

Other dramatic beds here and here

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