Sweet & Maxwell's Entertainment Law Review is getting desperately thin. With two issues out of this year's eight already accounted for, it's only up to page 41. The IPKat thinks that anyone paying £546 for a year's subscription (more if you're outside the UK) is entitled to a lot more for his money.

Still, this issue has some interesting content. For example:
* Mark Fox and Tracey Anderson (Indiana University South Bend) write on unpaid and underpaid royalties -- a subject that doesn't get much treatment in British law publishing circles;

Getting thinner. Won't someone feed this cute little journal?

* Registered mediator and private practitioner Sean McTernan contributes an enjoyable, if not altogether useful, souffle on format rights.

REDEEMING FEATURE? REDEEMING FEATURE? Reviewed by Jeremy on Thursday, February 17, 2005 Rating: 5


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