The ruling of the Court of First Instance in the Community trade mark appeal of Case T-373/03 Solo Italia Srl v OHIM, Nuova Sala Srl was posted yesterday on the Curia website in 16 of the EU's official languages, but not in English. Can some kind IPKat reader give the industrious Tibor Gold a break and offer us some guidance as to what this is all about?
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Anonymous said...

Italian cheese is indeed a tricky business. In a glimpse: Solo Italia Srl applied for a CTM PARMITALIA to cover "cheese" in class 29. Nuova Sala Srl filed an opposition against the application based on a prior CTM registration PARMITAL covering also "cheese" in same class.

The CTM application was refused and Solo Italia Srl filed an appeal, which was refused due to the fact that the appeal was made extra-temporis.

Thereafter an appeal was filed before the CFI, who once agains dismissed the appeal and confirmed OAMI's refusal.

Not much of an opportunity when the marks are almost identical and cover the same goods.

An avid fan spinning in "Italian cheese". Juan M.

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