BoingBoing reports that the Electronic Frontier Foundation is calling for techie-types with an interest in civil liberties to join its listserv. According to the EFF site, the list works like this: attorneys needing technical assistance on cases will contact us and let us know what kind of help they need and whether they can pay. After we receive the request and determine if it is appropriate for our list, we'll post a note to the list with a basic description of the project (for example: "CA attorney needs a tech familiar with Microsoft Exchange servers to assist in recovering allegedly deleted email messages needed for lawsuit. Can pay reduced fee").

If you're on the list and are qualified and interested, you contact us, and we'll connect you to the attorney. That's it. EFF won't investigate or vouch for either side -- we don't have those kinds of resources. We'll simply provide the connection.

The IPKat says that this sounds like a worthy scheme and wishes the listserv success.
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