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Friday, 26 August 2005


The IPKat has read in Ananova about 16 year-old Peter Ash, of Lawford, Somerset, who has attached a generator to the exercise wheel of Elvis the hamster and then connected it to his phone charger. Elvis does the legwork while Peter charges his phone in an economically and environmentally friendly way. He came up with the idea after his sister Sarah complained that Elvis was keeping her awake at night by playing for hours on his exercise wheel. Said Ash:

"I thought the wheel could be made to do something useful so I connected a system of gears and a turbine. Every two minutes Elvis spends on his wheel gives me about thirty minutes talk time on my phone".
The IPKat is really impressed. What a wonderful invention, says the IPKat! Almost free energy and you can eat the hamster when it gets too old and tired to keep running ...

Hamster pie here
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