1 A cultural day at the seaside

The IPKat has been informed of an upcoming one-day event hosted by Bournemouth University's Centre for Intellectual Property Policy & Management. The sixth in a series of ESRC/AHRC Cultural Industries Seminars, it's entitled "The Effects of Intellectual Property on the Organisation of Cultural Production". It's being held on Friday, 16 September 2005, 10.30am to 16.30pm, at the University's, Talbot Campus -- and it's absolutely free! There's an international cast of speakers and the programme looks good. According to the blurb:

"It is evident that intellectual property rights influence both what is culturally produced, and how it is produced. For example, if copyright does not award an exclusive right to make adaptations, more derivative works will be produced, artistic collaborations will be structured differently, as will be relations between artists, producers and users.

This seminar aims to explore legal, aesthetic and business perspectives on the effects of intellectual property rights. Starting from the experience of the music industry, comparisons with other sectors, including fashion, film and games may be drawn".
To reserve a place, email Jeanne Basley (Research Centres Administration & Finance Bournemouth University, Institute of Business & Law) or phone her on +44 (0)1202 967218.

2 Summer speculation

Nothing to do with IP, this, and no prizes either. The IPKat wonders whether "poodle" is the only breed of dog whose name rhymes with any form of food (in this case "noodle" and "strudel"). He's had no luck with spaniel, corgi, retriever, rottweiler, boxer or shitzu. If you can think of any, just post them as comments below: please don't email them!

3 In case you missed it ...

Today is the International Day of the World's Indigenous People. To mark it, WIPO Director General Kamal Idris welcomed

"the progressive steps being taken by the international community towards effective recognition and enjoyment of the rights of indigenous peoples, and greater respect for their distinct cultures, communities and values. ... The United Nations family is taking encouraging steps internationally to respond to the needs and aspirations of the world’s indigenous peoples, and to enhance their effective participation in policy processes and dialogue on matters that are of concern to them”.
He expressed WIPO’s continuing commitment to promoting recognition and respect for the rights and concerns of indigenous peoples and added that, from the perspective of the law and policy of intellectual property, these steps

“translated into greater respect and recognition for the cultural and intellectual framework and knowledge systems in which traditional cultural expressions (TCEs), traditional knowledge (TK) and associated genetic resources are developed, maintained, and transmitted to future generations within the traditional or customary context”.
The IPKat, who hates pompous and flowery official diplomatic prose, wonders whether anyone is still reading at this point. If so, he or she may wish to consider whether the "respect and recognition for the cultural and intellectual framework and knowledge systems in which TCEs, TK and associated genetic resources are developed, maintained, and transmitted to future generations within the traditional or customary context" are inherently contradictory to the notion of stimulating and rewarding individual creative achievement through exclusive patents, copyright and other IP rights. That's not to say that these things are not worth protecting; rather, should the remit of protecting them not be assigned to UNESCO, a UN agency that is already purpose-built for this task and that has shown itself capable of standing up to IP rights rather than pretending to protect them.

Traditional cultural expression

To celebrate this special day Merpel brings you a ritual display of commitment of loyalty by football fans in Sunderland (left) and Newcastle upon Tyne (the "Toon Army", right), both of the North Eastern extremity of England which remained scarcely untouched by Roman colonial conquest.

In each case the worshippers are spurred into a state of fervour bordering on frenzy through the consumption of beer or, in some instances, substances that chemically heighten their perception.

These rituals, which are tribally transmitted, are typically performed before and during the so-called "football match".

On special occasions a further group of performers known as the "riot police" (right), who are specially trained and maintained through generous public funding, will be invited to participate in the ritual, which may attract in excess of 60,000 spectators.
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Ilanah said...

Chinchilla rhymes with tortilla (if you pronounce it the limey way).

Anonymous said...

Weirmarana and cataplana (Portuguese dish) - does that count?

Anonymous said...

weimaraner also rhymes with banana

Anonymous said...

Great Dane - quiche lorraine, calf's brain, chow mein

Anonymous said...

akita - fajita

Anonymous said...

is a chinchilla strictly a dog??!

C.E. Petit said...

And just what is a feline doing worrying about dogs rhyming with food? Is there a nefarious plot here? Or, perhaps, will the IPKat be purchasing meat sauce from a peddlar and chopping a lot of wood?

Anonymous said...

"Peke" rhymes with "Bubble and squeak"

Anonymous said...

I think Ilanah is suffering from chinchilla/chihuahua confusion ... probably tastes good with cayenine pepper :-)

Anonymous said...

pit bull, mit bull (pronounced the latino way...)

Ilanah said...

Quite right - I think I am. Let me redeem myself: puppy rhymes with guppy. Moreover, some dogs are foods (sausage dog) and some food is dogesque (hot dogs)

NH said...

terrier - Perrier, shitzu - itsu

Anonymous said...

Puppy rhymes with guppy? can you eat guppies? are they like whitebait?

erik the idle said...

Eat whitebait? Of course! A Google search yields 7,460 hits for "whitebait recipe". Guppies are presumably more desirable, though: Google gives "guppy recipe" 24,000 hits.

I'm unemployed. But don't any of you other guys have any work to do?

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