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Sunday, 30 October 2005


1 Going to Pot

The IPKat has just learned from Freelance UK that the famous Pot Noodle is investing £10 million on revamping its image in order to take the brand upmarket. From 2006 the just-add-water soup snack will - to the doubtless diaappointment of its many addicts - contain no artificial colours, flavourings, preservatives or lumps of powder that don’t dissolve (the ingredients that give Pot Noodle its iconic junk-food status). Advertisements for the product, whose trade mark totters on the verges of descriptiveness and genericity - will shift their focus from students and sex and will now target women and older consumers.

The IPKat welcomes the shift in the product's contents, but wonders whether going upmarket will achieve the desired aim, given the strong and almost ingrained association of the product with those who have either no cooking facilities or no time to use them.

Left: an embarrassing parody

Right: the new image?

2 Something to smile at

The IPKat found this on Wordlab, via Marty Schwimmer's handsomely restyled Trademark Blog. The essence of the issue under consideration is that you need to be very careful, when opting for a domain name that consists of fused words, to read it carefully before you register it.

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