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Thursday, 20 October 2005


Watch out next Thursday for the CFI's decision in the Odeur de fraise mûre case. This is an appeal from an OHIM decision to refuse to register a mark for the scent of fresh strawberry graphically represented by a (rather squashed-looking) picture of a strawberry.

The IPKat reckons the appeal will be unsuccessful, but come and visit the IPKat next Thursday for his views on the CFI's judgment.

More on Strawberry smell here and here


Anonymous said...

The IPKat will surely be right as this case seems even less likely to succeed than the Sieckmann case before the ECJ.

Anonymous said...

Er, do you really mean a squashed looking picture of a strawberry -- or is it a picture of a squashed looking strawberry. I think we should be told.

Anonymous said...

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