The IPKat has been perusing the minutes of the Trade Mark Registry’s Registration Practice Working Group’s latest meeting. Gems of information include:
*There is to be a consideration of how department stores should list the goods that they sell for the purpose of registering marks for retail services.

*The “Vodka” PAN will be withdrawn in the light of Geoffrey Hobbs QC’s consideration of the appreciation of consumers of words in foreign languages by consumers.

*A report is to be produced to the Registry’s relationship with Companies House.

*The issue of press understanding of the differences between the various IP rights [a bugbear of the IPKat] was raised.

*The Registry is working on a new suite of fees, which it hopes to have ready by this time next year.

*Although the proteciton of the Olympic symbol through the Olympic Bill was raised, this was the responsibility of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, and not the Department of Trade and Industry (of which the Registry is a part).
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