CLT is running its Tenth Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference at the Cafe Royal (right), near Piccadilly Circus in London's West End on Tuesday 24 January. This conference, which has a strong panel of speakers, is supported by the IPKat. Speakers at this event include

* Gwilym Harbottle (Hogarth Chambers, left) on copyright and digital rights management in the age of the iPod;

* Nick Reeve (Reddie & Grose), who explains the UK's new patent examination guidelines and asks whether they are going to make any difference;

* Professor Alison Firth (University of Newcastle, right) on the fun and games that go on with regard to detaining suspected or actual counterfeits and fakes at the EU's ever-growing borders.

Although the normal admission price for the day is £495 plus VAT, the IPKat is pleased to inform his readers at one of them will be able to attend free of charge. That lucky person will be the winner of the IPKat Limerick Competition. The rules of the competition are simple. Just compose a limerick on one of the following three subjects:

(i) the battle between the US and Czech breweries for control of the BUDWEISER mark,

(ii) the role of WIPO or

(iii) the granting of patents for business methods.

Then send it here. The author of whichever limerick is adjudged to be the best will get in free. When you send your entry in, can you confirm that you don't mind your entry appearing on this blog? (We don't want to infringe our friends' copyrights). Closing date for entries is Thursday 19 January, mid-day (Greenwich Mean Time).

Full conference programme here
More on writing limericks here and here
A famous limerick writer here
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Tigga said...

I cannot make the 24th but here is my effort:

There was a beer firm from Missouri,
Who cant say that they're covered in glory,
They proved rather picky,
To poor Budejovicky
As they seemed to all have the his-tory

Though use had begun with the Czechs,
They were made to be bad guys like BECKS,
Though used from afar,
With the clear word BUDVAR,
They had proved to be pains in the neck.

So a legal feast came from our miser,
Global cases a mere appetiser,
But to their disdain
Came the common refrain
Of the geographical sense of BUDWEISER.

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