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Tuesday, 18 April 2006


Bun fight heads for meltdown

The IPKat has learned from the BBC, via his friend Simon Haslam, of a vicious Austrian dispute over Easter Bunnies. Chocolatier Lindt claims the exclusive right to make a golden Easter bunny with a red ribbon around its neck, selling some 60 million of them each year. Austrian company Hauswirth has apparently been making similar bunnies for half a century. The news report does not make it clear what sort of IP right Lindt holds, but it the IPKat presumes that it's a trade mark registration for a three-dimensional product, consisting of the chocobunny itself.

Above right: the Lindt bunny (the Hauswirth bunny was not available for comment). Below left: a generic chocolate rabbit.

Litigation was inevitable after Hauswirth rejected Lindt's lawyers suggestion that Hauswirth adopt bronze wrapping instead of gold and a green ribbon instead of red. Lindt obtained interim injunctive relief and a further hearing has been scheduled for June.

Make your own chocolate rabbit here
Why your own rabbit should be made of chocolate here

Patent cooperation time

WIPO has informed the IPKat of two new Patent Cooperation Treaty members: the Lao People's Democratic Republic (as of 14 June 2006) and the Republic of Honduras six days later on 20 June 2006.

With these two additions, PCT membership will stand at 130. Can you name them all without looking? Click here to see if you're right.

Merpel says, here's another question for you. Lao is a 'Democratic Republic' while Honduras is just a 'Republic'. Which one is the democracy? Click here for some strong criticism of democracy Laotian-style.

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