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Friday, 7 April 2006


Mr Justice Peter Smith is due to give his judgment today in the Da Vinci Codes copyright case. The judgment is scheduled for some time after 2pm

The IPKat, who will bring you news as soon as he can, is still rather miffed that the protagonists allegedly took the Tube from Temple Underground Station to Kings College London...


John H said...

Well, Dan Brown won - quelle surprise - but I'd be interested to know what views the IPKat has on the judgment. Not had a look at it in any detail but the BBC report seems to suggest the judge's grounds for rejecting the Holy Blood authors' contention that Dan Brown had copied their "central theme" was that the Holy Blood and the Holy Grail "did not have a central theme", but instead the alleged theme was "an artificial creation for the purposes of the litigation working back from the Da Vinci Code".

But does that mean the judge was leaving the door open for saying that copyright could protect a "central theme" where a copyright work actually possessed such a feature?

John H said...

Oops, forgot link to the BBC report. Here it is now.

I also enjoyed Dan Brown's comment that the result showed his opponents' claim "was utterly without merit". Far be it from me to make any comment about people who live in glass houses...

Jeremy said...

Nice one, John!

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