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Monday, 10 April 2006


Epidos News rebranded

The European Patent Office news letter Epidos News (right) has metamorphosed into the somewhat descriptive Patent Information News. This slender publication must have taken the EPO by surprise: the IPKat keyed the new title into the little search box on the EPO's website and got a zero response.

Below, left: Measuring European Patent Office employees up for a chair they'll never forget

Incidentally, the EPO is trading in swivel chairs. It's buying 400 new swivel chairs for its Infrastructure Department in Rijswijk, the Netherlands, plus another 250 directors' leather chairs for its Munich HQ. Asks the IPKat, does the EPO have so many directors? And Merpel enquires, why swivel chairs - do they possess any functional efficiency?

A little bit quiet

Keeping one eye open for the activities of his fellow bloggers, the IPKat notes that some of the sites he likes to visit have gone a bit quiet in recent weeks. In particular

* The Shape Blog has not posted since 1 March 2006;

* LASP (Lawyers Against Software Patents) - last recorded post 6 March 2006;

* Strange Brands has been silent since 10 December 2005;

* bIPlog, the Berkeley Intellectual Property weblog, last posted on 30January 2006.
Can anyone tell the IPKat if these weblogs have relocated or ceased to function - or are their writers merely pausing for thought before launching into action again?

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