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Friday, 21 April 2006


Some months ago the IPKat asked his readers if any of them might be interested in attending a practical course on how to write more effectively on the subject of intellectual property. The initial response was very positive, so the IPKat has set aside three dates:

* Monday 5 June, 1pm to 5pm

* Monday 4 July, 9am to 1pm

* Monday 11 September, 1pm to 5pm.
All courses will be held in the magnificent Boardroom of the Chamber of Shipping, Carthusian Street (just round the corner from London's Barbican tube station). The cost per person is just £65, inclusive of course materials, tea/coffee and biscuits (for lunch, we bring our own sandwiches).

Each course will introduce principles of good writing and look at how they apply to writing about patents, copyright, trade marks and other IP rights. Participants will have a chance to do a little drafting of their own as well as to criticise some examples of bad IP writing. The object of the exercise is to make participants better able to write case notes, articles, letters - indeed any piece of text that is to do with IP. By the end of the course you should have a greater awareness of
* why other people can't understand - or often misunderstand - what you write;

* why your submissions for publication get rejected;

* why your letters always seem longer than other people's;

* why colleagues and clients prefer your oral opinion to your written one.
The viability of each course depends on there being a minimum of ten people to enrol for it. If you're interested, please email the IPKat here and let him know.

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