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Saturday, 1 April 2006


WIPO has announced that it is to launch its first unmanned mission into space. The programme, run in conjunction with NASA and the WTO, aims to educate extraterrestrials about the importance of strong intellectual property rights as part of an economically viable market economy.

It will carry a selected library of intellectual property materials, including the text of the Statute of Monopolies and a copy of the BASS trade mark (the first to be registered), as well as more up-to-date materials such as a copy of the TRIPs Agreement and a full set of WIPO’s popular cartoon guides to IP law.

The expected launch date is 26 April 2009, coinciding with World Intellectual Property Day.

The IPKat selflessly volunteers to be WIPO’s first goodwill intellectual property ambassador in space.


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Filemot said...

Will they take a photo of you in front of Cherie Blair's new red front door at No10. The cartoon guides are fun though.

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